I joined the NCA novice curling tournament 2016。


2016 May 28(Soil)~ 29(Day)It was held in Karuizawa Ice Park "NCA novice curling tournament 2016To "、From Niigata New Lagoon When 4Tune Two teams have participated。Tournament intended for the curler of curling history less than 5 years、It became the participation in multiple teams for the first time in a long time from Niigata。Since all of the game of both teams became simultaneously with a sheet of next to each other、Although it was not possible to slowly watch each other's game、Now a lot of fun expedition。


Blessed to weather、Comfortable drive。It has been used to the stroke from Niigata to Karuizawa。P5280554

When the introduction for those who do not know、Karuizawa Ice ParkQing Jingzefengyue ParkLocated in the corner of the (Kazakoshi Park Arena)。Outdoor tennis courts and an indoor pool in the park、Gymnasiums and ground、And there is such as Ice Arena, which was the curling venue in Nagano Olympics、In front of the Ice Park eyes There is also an outdoor skating rink and futsal court。On this day the children enjoyed the roller hockey。P5290593

Outdoor skating rink。Ice is stretched here in the winter、It will be skating rink。Summer is crowded with people who enjoy the roller skating。P5280556

Niigata players to be up running around the skating rink。P5280557


Tournament is divided into four of the league all 16 team four teams each、Digested by each team three matches on the first day。as a result、First place, second place of each league the second day of the A tournament、3Cry fourth place go to B tournament。Both teams both、Immediately it is participating in a match from the morning of the first day。this time、New LagoonLacks alone the members by Shoyo is、The first day has been forced to compete in a hurry 3 people。Tournament of the order now is like this (↓)。

リード セカンド サード force

(Read the first day of the competition is on hiatus。↓ because pictures of the second day。)


on the other hand、Changing the position in each tournament4Tune。Tournament is like this (↓)。

リード セカンド サード force
RATHER(*≧∀≦*) SKM48 KHT43(V) KBS49(S)




And qualifying league of first day。

Qualifying League first leg pair Rodeo Boys!

Team H 1 2 3 4 Count
NL 2 1 0 1 4
RB 0 0 1 0 1


Qualifying League second leg pair Dadada

Team H 1 2 3 4 Count
NL 3 0 4 0 7
Dadada 0 1 0 1 2


Qualifying League Round 3 vs. 3C-Curlers

Team H 1 2 3 4 Count
NL 4 2 1 1 8
3C 0 0 0 0 0


Although racy scene in the final end was also seen game、3Piled up steadily victory in spite of the battle of the name、Before the start of the third round by the results of other teams was decided early in the first place pass。It won even then the third round of the end of the competition on the first day。3War three wins。As expected of a sense of stability。


Either4TuneStumble early in the first game、There is no after to A tournament。

University towards the qualifying league first leg pair Kyoto

Team H 1 2 3 4 Count
Kyoto 0 2 2 2 6
4Tune 2 0 0 0 2


Qualifying League second leg pair beginner

Team H 1 2 3 4 Count
bgn 0 1 0 0 1
4Tune 2 0 2 3 7


Qualifying League Round 3 vs. Minebea Curling Club

Team H 1 2 3 4 Count
4Tune 0 1 1 0 2
Minebea 1 0 0 1 2


New LagoonContinuous of cold sweat as opposed to。Finished third qualifying round of one win and one loss and one draw。I would side by side in the Minebea Curling Club and a second place tie in points。... The situation as experienced somewhere。This is bad premonition。

It made after qualifying league end "DSC Trial"。Each team two persons throw LSD (the last stone draw) one by one throw、The average value is the performance of the team that。Second place conflict with Minebea Curling Club、Rather than playing cards to be decided by this result。Even after it went through the racy content of the game、I did not think this was forced to this fight。

However、Here to you of Niigata was me again doing the familiar that person。"Treasures of the Niigata"、「4TuneOf the draw master "、SKM48 is really shines。Just 2.3cm Stone from the pin which he threw! To knock a record of top whopping participating in 32 people、Get the # 1 16 teams in average 18.00cm also as a team!!

As a result、4TuneFinalized qualifying league second place! It is safe slid the last minute to the next day of the A tournament。

(Click to enlarge ↓)P5280572-2

The results of the first day at the endP5280571-2

The second day of the tournament combinationP5280575


The first day of the competition after the end of the reception。It is always fun feast of harmonious as。Until the surprise birthday cake of the participants in this day birthday!


this time、In overage (over career?) FrameNew LagoonOur boss of participating in the、Osetsukari a big part of Kanpai。13315628_377789942344899_4373274994501469481_n

New LagoonMerging members has been delayed。We face a full member from here。I tried to introduce the meaning of the team name。13265944_377790145678212_5169716049811000850_n

I tried to the propaganda of the Niigata Open。13315592_377790249011535_3738212878011426787_n


And、Master we have the recognition of the previous DSC。13312856_377790535678173_4989523074167149914_n


Those familiar with the other?13312599_377790539011506_8035791529614287953_n

What extra prize of the DSC、Ice Park sheet 1 hour occupancy rights! You have to go to practice。P5280569Indeed "4Tune"Only to have demonstrated the Tsuyoun。

※ fortune : n. Yun (life); lucky; rich; property; (F-) goddess of fate.
(Than Sanseido Web Dictionary)

Exit also reception while you are all told to。Ice Park Atonishi、All the way、To accommodation inn。P5280570Both teams in preparation for the second day of the game is where you want to and early bedtime but、Because it has proceeded to the lucky A tournament with unexpectedly two teams、It refers to the slow next morning of the match start time、... That I have to stay up late once again night riding on the tone。



The next morning of the second day。Was also this inn well become indebted this time。As usual、I rice was delicious。



Asama also looked well。P5290582


And it began the final tournament。Qualifying γ league position 1 of the passNew Lagoon、From the previous day of reception fourth person is joined、Finals tournament first round of the person you became a race at full members、Is Planets Mover's qualifying δ league second place pass。Also Welcome veteran of the members began curling in the 70s。In recent Miyota4TuneYou very much for care is、Thank you very much。1464619401224I have a such Planets Mover's in Kotenpan。Chotto ...

on the other hand、Qualifying β league of second place4TuneIt is、MMC's a match-up of the qualifying α league first place。P5290588Qualifying was able to luck win well in the 1-position of the other party。There is no easy game from here。The most、But also was not easy so far。

2Lunch of the day first。I Curling、Tummy is like to really。P5290592Shop that had wanted to visit once。Fast and the menu was the rich。It was delicious -。


New LagoonThe opponent of the tournament semi-finals, which celebrated the、How4Tune
4TuneIt will be contained in the same mountain for but was a second place pass、To ensure that they crushed in Niigata each other。Although it is not subjected to the Japan Derby day、Coming up Karuizawa Niigata Derby。I think the practice game certainly also last week。Although、Hardball if the game Hajimare。It fought in the Gachi over Pride。

1464619401265I do not know from the score、Do not know whether the fall in which way to the end、It does not come out of breath game。The results、This time4TuneIt was won。P5290591

And the final game in which both teams were greeted the、Both students became a partner。New LagoonThird-place match of、Karuizawa junior high school that became a rematch of the qualifying league as "Dadada"。Nagano will buy junior Wansa。


New LagoonBut shows the severity of adult (?) Victory。Congrats!

In the next sheet4TuneBut first finals。Opponent "Kyoto University in the direction of" here also played against in qualifying league's。It lost in qualifying。Revenge of Shidokoro。This also is where you want to show the severity of adult。


Until the middle was a little movement deployment、We have won luckily Once planted in the final end。I wonder still whether thanks to the team name。


The results、New LagoonThere # 3、4TuneIt was the winner of surprise。

Final Results———————————————————-
[A tournament](Qualifying 1 of 2-position group)
Gifted victory: 4tune(Niigata Prefecture)
second place:"University of the people of Kyoto" (Kyoto)
# 3: New Lagoon(Niigata Prefecture)
# 4:Dadada (Nagano Prefecture)

[B] Tournament(Qualifying 3 of 4-position group)
Gifted victory: Crazy-4-(東京都)
second place:Rodeo Girls!(Osaka)
# 3: Minebea Curling Club(Nagano Prefecture)
# 4:Rodeo Boys!(Osaka)











In the inn is together、Now it is taken care of in the night of the part。And everyone of "the University towards Kyoto"。1464619401361

At last the end was fun tournament also。We the evening rice in a round SA of usual Eastern hot water、Reality of everyday went back to Niigata to listen。P5290608It did not take the final result of the tournament table。Or to even blunder ...!


Long and short two days、Everyone this time of tournament officials、It became very indebted to everyone of the participants。Husband of the inn、I'm sorry to stay up late。Also it became a wonderful journey this time in your thanks。There such a wonderful place in the province next、We are lucky to really。Thank you very much。Also、Tournament was able to fit the unusual surprise of good results Niigata curler。The two teams that motto to enjoy curling in earnest、This time, I think that whether it led to a good result。We were we to make sure to enjoy the even seriously curling now。


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