Central Championship final day report of tokky

Shumoku Club Fifth and supervision(?)tokky が、To send Island - the report of the Central Championship final day。


Central Championship Day 4、play off。

Shumoku club in the march forward。

Cheer & as a driver of return、tokky starting toward the Karuizawa from Niigata!
Niigata sleet and Pepper weather of。Korezo is feeling "The Niigata of winter."。

I bought a ticket、go to the departure home!

9:00 am 20 minutes onset tokky314 for Tokyo。
Since Sunday morning、It was not quite crowded。とりあえず座れてラッキー♪

Transfer to the Hokuriku Shinkansen Asama Nagano bound in Takasaki Station。

The car will rattle。It crowded like Kanazawa flights。This time was good vacant since the Nagano end point。

Qingjingzeyi to the。
It will head to Kazakoshi Park Arena in the town circulation bus from Karuizawa Station。
Transit time is 3 minutes。
Out of the ticket gate、Dash to the bus stop!!

Barely safe!
Bus、If you came to tourism from China had been riding more than half。
Indeed Karuizawa、It is the international flavor。

Asama seen from the car of the bus。
Although the summit is taking cloud、It is beautiful today。

Arrival in Kazakoshi Park Arena。
Su grades ッ pu ago。

Karuizawa also snow。Blue sky is dazzling!

Again dash from Sukappu to Ice Park!!
The final end、It may be a little watch!!

So that we do not end yet match!
Hopefully、It runs the slippery parking!!


It is doing still!!
It was in time!!

play off!
C block second place team Aichi Team Azuls vs B block second place team Shumoku Club。

End the end!
Attack of the last lock after the opposing team。
Array、5Point eyes encased likely!!
Ah、It had been decided!

View scoreboard and、Like it up had been very good game。
Come for was slow!!
Last end Ganbare to not give up!!
But it is impossible to 4 point difference is packed、Konshido。Shame。

For the next of the third-place match、Good luck to switch the feelings!


Karuizawa WILE vs Aichi Team Azuls
It prevailed Karuizawa WILE、Finalists。
Losing Aichi、Third-place match and again Shumoku club。

Not be defeated twice on the same team!
General director will pep talk!

Hang in there、Shumoku Club!!

Finally third-place match。
Tournament、Final match。
Everyone、Should fatigue is accumulated。
Since the return'll Tsurekae' I to Niigata、To put forth our best with confidence!!

Aichi Team Azuls 7-12 Shumoku Club

It won § ーーー!!
Central Championship men's section # 3!!

This marathon、Everyone、I worked hard well to really!!!
I also Tsu really happy!!

In this tournament、Should personally to be challenges and problems as a team also looked。

From now on、Raise the team force more and more practice、Let's individual skills!

4Daily interest rate、Cheers for good work was was。!!

Director and。

Aichi Team Azules and Mr.。


Among the bad weather in the freezing and blizzard、5 hours to Niigata 30 minutes。

Midnight 2、Niigata to the。
It was also frozen Niigata road。

General Director also custody everyone's life、I came back to somehow safely。

Relieved relieved。
I also hard work over over!!


the above、Was tokky report of the Central Championship final day。