U21 Karuizawa Junior Challenge Cup Participation Report

2017 March 4(Soil)From 5 days(Day)Subjected to was held in Karuizawa Ice Park "U21 Karuizawa Junior Challenge CupJunior players of Niigata has competed in. "。To say that、Since the competition population is small in Niigata you can not configure the junior team、This time, we will organized a team with junior players in other prefectures、We were able to participate。

This tournament team of the national top-class to join a large number。For Junior our Niigata、This tournament participation was a very valuable experience。Everyone of tournament officials、Thank you very much。

Qualifying League first match Karuizawa Jr. (Karuizawa)
There is also in the last year of junior Japan representative。
3-7 defeat

Qualifying League second game Mentos (Karuizawa)
→ members of the Japan Championship winning team women's "Chubu Electric Power" in the other day
Tournament original team that contains two people。
2-11 defeat

Qualifying League third match onward (Karuizawa)
The Ice Park is the team that is based in。
3-5 defeat

Ranking Tournament first round Ice Dragons
9-5 win

Order determining tournament second round SH5
11-1 win

The first time a private facility、Outside the prefecture tournament is also the first time of Niigata Futari、I was struggling with reliable friends。Victory thanks were also able to hand。Your team-mate、Your coach、Thank you very much。

coach、And team-mate


the following、Than the players parents (summary)


U21 Karuizawa tournament、2 days thanks to like、It was can you safely to the end。

1Day th、First challenge junior tournament、Overwhelmed by the height of the other teams of the level of similar age、2 people of Niigata is harder to either look there is also a tension、Shot that does not think so I would like also there was ...
The results were also three games winless and disappointing results。
But DSC is ranked first in the # 4 of the group!
all、The tension of the second day was a little up I felt in this 。

2Japan eyes is like came informal the atmosphere of the team、Expression was also overlook the bright game。
It is possible to win the first game、The final game victory by a wide margin as it is good flow。

Result is、16In the 13th ... instant team in the team I think it was good fight is。
We were able to finish the tournament with the whole team smiling smile。

In also Junior Japan representative high level, such as those participating tournament、2 people of Niigata will also advise from Aichi of you who have served as a coach、It seems to have become very order。
Also、 During the game asked to pull to the experienced team-mate、To understand the fun of the game to challenge in the same age、It seems to be a very good experience。
Became indebted to everyone who in many ways。I'm really thankful to you。


※写真は「U21 Karuizawa Challenge Cup」、And whats than UEH Mr. "cheerleader of Niigata"。