NCA Niigata Curling Association


★ Because blood type Championship became the capacity Thanks
We were allowed closed for recruitment。

★ from April time Saturday Association of practice has changed。
~ 6:00 in the afternoon of the first portion 8 afternoon
Part 2 - 8:30 in the afternoon afternoon 10:30

★ we were to experience interview in Niigata TV's。

Tour & experience?


But the 70-year-old OKIt is。We have many people who started from the 40s。The competition is that it is also in the sports inexperienced person。The members will have from young people (teens) to veterans (70's)。You can easily enough to the fun gameWith a little practice canIt looks like the。
Of courseOK。You are welcome because we want to increase the fellow even alone。
You can even everyday wear if exercise easy clothes。Jeans NG! If warm weather training wear, etc.、Is recommended if the cold season windbreaker and down。HandbagsPlease bring clean athletic shoes soles also。Dedicated instrument will be borrowed all。
Initial experience thank you 500 yen for one hour alone as Arena use fee。We do not need the guidance fees and equipment rental fee。
Experience can be of, but is every Saturday night、There is also a week that can not be held to experience meeting so please contact us in advance。Also、Since it will correspond as much as possible, even if you are interested in non-Saturday、First of all, please let us know。For more informationClick here


NCA is、We are looking for sponsors

Of the companyAnd PR advertising and publicityPlease consider as a part of CSR (social contribution activities of companies)。
Advertising fees and goods you provide will let me used for public business (activity) in the Association。For more information、Please contact our association


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